SFYC Blended learning Course is an output of SymfoS for Youth care project.

This b-learning course will guide you through a comprehensive understanding of the SymfoS-method, and lead you to a certification as SFYC-practitioner. If you are interested in the b-learning course and would like to enrol, please click the button below which will take you to the video B-Learning Course. In this video you will get to know the framework and the structure of the B-Learning Course before you complete the enrollment.​

Total Duration: 108,5 Hours

Face to face: 22 Hours

Online Lessons: 14,5 Hours

Self-study: 36 Hours

Implementation and documenting: 36 Hours


SFYC Blended learning Course is structured in 6 different modules, ensuring a systematic and constructive learning path.​​​​
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MODULE 1- SFYC B-learning frame
  • L1. SFYC B-Learning Course
  • L2. The Counselling Process
  • L3. SymfoS Foundation: The Symbol & Peer Buddy Power
MODULE 2- Underlying approaches
  • L1. A Systemic Approach
  • L2. A Developmental Approach
  • L3. A Client centred Approach
  • L4. An Active listening Approach
  • L5. An Appreciative Approach
  • L6. A Resource Approach
  • L7. A Solution-oriented Approach
  • L8. Peer Buddy System
MODULE 3- SymfoS method
  • L1. Feeling SymfoS Method
  • L2. Setting & Onboarding
  • L3. Topic, Material & Construction
  • L4. Presentation & Factual questions
  • L5. Perception
  • L6. Interpretation
  • L7. Feedback & Agreement
MODULE 4- SymfoS tools
  • L1. Explore SymfoS Method
  • L2. Basic Clearing
  • L3. Inner Images
  • L4. Island of Emotions
  • L5. Resource/Competence Pathway
  • L6. Planning Pathway
MODULE 5- Concrete fields of application
  • L1. Biography & Identity
  • L2. Emotions & Feelings
  • L3. Goal attainment
  • L4. Family & Group dynamics
MODULE 6- Assessment & certification
  • L1. Applications & Contexts
  • L2. Assessment & Certification
  • L3. SFYC-Practice
  • Expert talk/Assessment